Restoring or migrating from a backup

There are two ways you can use a backup:

  • You can use a backup to recover your existing configuration on your current system.
  • You can use a backup during the onboarding process to restore your configuration. For example, if you want to migrate from another device to a Home Assistant Yellow.

A full backup includes the following elements:

  • your system configuration
  • add-on data
  • automations
  • scripts
  • and media stored on Home Assistant.

Estimated duration

The time it takes to restore a backup depends on your installation. Home Assistant Core and all add-ons are being reinstalled.

Restoring from a backup during onboarding

  1. If you want to migrate your configuration from another device, make sure the prerequisites are met. Specifically, check the size of your current installation.
  2. Start up Home Assistant Yellow as described in the Getting started procedure.
  3. Follow the steps described in the Restoring a backup during onboarding procedure.

Restoring a backup on your current installation

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