About factory reset

A factory reset clears the data partition of your device. This includes all user data as well as Home Assistant Core, Supervisor, and any installed add-ons.

The Home Assistant operating system stays on the system.

Resetting a device to the factory settings

  1. Make sure you do not lose your automations and configuration settings: Create a backup.
  2. Shut down the system.
    • Go to Settings > System, and in the top right corner, select the shut down icon. Select Shut down system.
    • Wait for all LEDs to turn off, except the red power LED.
  3. Remove power from the system.
  4. Perform these steps in close sequence:
    • Reapply power and make sure the system has an Internet connection.
    • Within 5 seconds, press and hold the red button.
    • Keep the button pressed until the yellow LED starts flashing.
      • The Home Assistant operating system now downloads the Supervisor and the Core.
      • Due to the downloads, it can take a while until Home Assistant becomes accessible again.

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